Empower The Learning System

Being educated not just proves us we have enough knowledge about the all facts but also gives us self-confidence, discipline and self-esteem. The real power of the country depends mainly on its strong education system. Understanding a thing is far better than having knowledge in it which we can make through practical education. It teaches us the main value of the human connection. Education today is dumping something which we consider as valuable and force feed them, instead of making them to think by their own on what to focus. It should awaken the powers of creativity.

Every country has its own diverse education system. Some countries make people discover and learn things by teaching them, some by letting them to do research and practical experiments and explore by their own. There are so many ways of getting knowledge like by hearing some one’s lecture, by doing own experiments, research generation. There are many self study books available to increase the knowledge.

In past decades, learning did not considered as necessary in day-to-day life. But later people understood the importance of it. At present the person without knowledge/education in the society find very hard to survive. .  Everyone can explore things not only by attending schools as the internet has mass attraction to know what ever we need to. It is about of understanding a thing in simple way and not memorizing it.

Learning system requires different, broad and should have diverse curriculum. It should allow the students to create lot of innovations, with different new stuffs and not after the same curriculum every time. Education is not just a delivery system, it is developing a curiosity in kids about what they going to convey them and make them comfortable in grasping it. Education systems quality should deliver correct learning skills to a kid at a correct time to keep them successful on track. It should not repeat or memorized thing. In other way, it should have structured and designed interactive in hands with method.

The connection between the learning and practical use should be merged and ready in the way that it helps the person for his/her future use. But the schools now offer the students a very poor knowledge and they are outdated in relation with the new technological developments and theories. As the children’s hate the process of learning system offered by schools in the starting stage of their life they find everything boring which leads lack of interest in learning, which should be avoided.

Education made the people to come out of the dark and enjoy the comfortable world with the help of various new inventions and technology changes. The rate of education is still under developing stage. The sad fact is that still many people are illiterates. this condition is due to the lack of money and it can be achieved through free education situation, At least the basic education should be given to them. Should be demolished and people should be educated 100%.

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