Dampers-Regulate the Flow of Air and Heat

If you really want to regulate the flow of air in your residential as well as commercial places then dampers are the perfect option for you. These are the mechanical devices widely utilized at homes and workplaces to control air & heat. They can also suitable for monitoring humidity as well as temperature in a particular room or area. Though, the primary functions of these dampers contain changing the gas flow, regulating ventilation, and maintaining the desired temperature in a given space.

heating and cooling expenses

How is it important?

There are a broad variety of dampers available in the market to select from. The most usually utilized dampers contain motorized, pressure relief, back draft, or duct dampers. For maintaining a comfortable temperature in a specific area, these dampers are easily installed at the end of the piping system. These products will also help in minimizing heating and cooling expenses.

These products are highly demanded in several residential and commercial places because they reduce the run time of heating and cooling systems, as well as eliminate the cost of energy. If you are thinking to purchase a damper for your specific place, consider its configuration, mechanical specifications, and design. The right type of damper provides you long term benefits. In addition to this, you can purchase these dampers according to your temperature control requirements and the accessible duct space. An incorrect configuration can affect the functionality of your heating & cooling systems.


Motorized dampers use an unmatched quality electric motor to perform their primary functions. They are available in spring return, multi-blade, as well as power open & close models. These electric motors come in different voltage capacities; you can select the perfect one which is precisely matched to your needs. These models are also featured with end switches. When the damper reaches its full power position, the end switches facilitate another appliance to be conducted. The motor is installed in a way that it makes sure proper alignment of shaft & damper to enable the clutch to reduce the number of moving parts.

A flow control adjustment comes with all units that don’t have end switches. This adjustment provides complete protection against damage to the damper blades. They find expanded usage in zone control, air inlet, as well as exhaust applications. For giving optimum strength and ensuring flawless operation, they use power open and spring close aluminium opposed blades. Apart from this, the motor can help to rotate the blades in both directions.


Hence, the dampers are perfectly controlling the heat and air flow in any building. Other exceptional features of these dampers contain easy installation, floating motor mount design, long lasting functionality, and durability.

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