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The latest introduction to the family of the social media is the INSTAGRAM when it first bloomed on the social media in 2010. It started its journey with a bang in the beginning when it crossed 1 million in less than a quarter of the year. Till then in the past 8 years, a lot of incidents have been scribbled on the pages of the web & social media history, and one of the most eye-catching ones is the current 700 million user base of social media. While I was writing this article and the time you spend in reading Instagram has added a few hundred more.

reading Instagram

The blue steep curve is an evidence of this only

With this increasing reach of Instagram, the run to be popular of Instagram has developed a sheer competition these days. With the take over Instagram by The Facebook, its algorithm has been highly modified and revised to make it more perfect in accordance with the situation & user behavior. Moreover, it is highly evolving.


This is a popular question or a more popular known term is Instagram Star. What does it is actually? The bottom line remains the same more reach towards the mass, high audience engagement.

How does this benefit?

For people withself-outlook it is not more than simple fame game but in sense of sales &marketing, this engaged audience if targeted to a particular interest or niche is the huge stockpile of potential customers. The only thing necessary for transferring these potential ones into real ones is the connection and your ways of convincing them into believing you.


Being popular is heard all around but how to be popular is a billion dollar question? Developing a huge fan base demands a lot of sweat & seconds together side by side. It takes over years to build an engaging audience of a particular interest. Proper account tweaking, image branding, informative posts to share, real-time activity sharing, audience polling, give away and what not. It needs a serious public relationship with a lot of cash

But all want to see this red pop up overnight. Here come the black marketing techniques of buying followers in order to make a profile branding to make it look a legit popular business firm. Buying is illegal but it can practice for marketing until the Instagram ban hammer algorithm has been alerted.


When the mind has been made for the purchase of followers, arises several questions to counter

“Where to buy them?”…….

“How much should I buy? Do I drip feed or not?”………

“When do I get banned or a shadow ban on my post reach?”…..

…………There are thousands of more questions that may make you scratch your head?

Yeah,& of course buying followers is seriously against the Terms & Conditions of Instagram. But there is no other option to be an overnight Instagram Marketing tycoon.

For buying followers, one should be quite aware of the fact that the markets are flooded with Social media panels that use various bots and software in delivering followers that are dead, fake & inactive. They are being made and groomed up in order to deliver cheap Instagram follower selling service.

To avoid being bully of such a practice one should not only be aware but also purchase services with reasonable prices and trusted sources like Follower Guru.


There are thousands of cheap SMM sellers with bestselling products that says “CHEAP INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS 0.10$/1k”. This price quotation always makes them wins the bestselling award but their services make your account the one with a useless bunch of followers.

Some of the unique & noteworthy features that you get when you buy real Instagram followers:

  • Highly Active actual users
  • Audience Engagement to each & every post
  • Users of filtered and age groups
  • Followers who share similar interest with your niche
  • Potential Bunch of Customers
  • Chances of increasing the account reach
  • Driving actual organic traffic to posts and shares


We all know at the end of the day quality wins over quantity. In order to have a serious marketing outlook in long run, this method of buying really pays off.

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