Design your own Wall art

Design your own Wall art

Wall art is a collection of designs and beautiful quotes. We use them good and high quality, matte metal – finish that creates the looks of words and designs. It is in hand-painted by a professional artist, the letters beautifully are arranged. It is pre-spaced and no background and framed that the wall art mean.

Decorating wall

Decorating wall

As we all think walls are beautiful and personally we like to decorate on them. We decorate living room with religious imagines and quotes. It is also specially quotes designed in child’s room to inspire and encourage them. We can design and decorate anywhere and choose good topic. The art are many easily applied and easily change without any damage to our wall. The quotes are many they are touchy and one liners from famous people. By seeing the wall, quotes get inspiration and motivates to all.

Different categories

Wall decor letters, words and quotes from wall are written available in many different categories. There are family and friends’ quotes, welcome home, beauty quotes, inspirational English quotes, and so many languages. By choosing your favorite color and favorite quote and we will make it. Wall sticker quotes are mostly common used in houses, office. It gives simply relaxing and comforting. It is seen in every piece of art. The movement helps to create or define a piece of art. Swirling, flowing, dramatic. The scale is basically the size of the art.

The scale is common words that are already in our vocabulary.

  • Large
  • small
  • Intimate
  • Miniature
  • Monumental

The color, no matter what type of art work it helps defining the piece and the artist. A lot of art work can be determined on who did the work just by looking at the colors, because artist use specific colors in the piece of their art. Bold, vibrant, subtle, pale, earthy, naturalistic.

3D Wall frames and art

The paint and color white, pink, orange or lime green is choosing are smoothly shaped and framed. These are most commonly used decoration. We can customize with design tool, where we can preview words immediately in it.  Choosing from wide topics, such as celebrations and hobbies, holidays, and love .There are certain descriptive words like saturation refers to the brightness of color; Geometric is to define the shapes such as circles, triangle, squares etc. Symmetry it is equal on both sides, Depth is illusion of space, Broken color  is small amounts of color, Negative space is about the actual form of art, Distorted is a shape that is changed and no longer looks proportioned, Focal point is stands out in the artwork. And now a day’s online sales are rapid and huge different varieties and specific subject quotes sayings available.  It is used on mirrors, windows and even cars are using. So, it is unique and affordable to all.

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