Night Hunting Tips for Beginners

Night Hunting Tips for Beginners

Night hunting is different from day hunting. If you want to move to a more challenging but rewarding work, you should consider night hunting. Learning how to hunt and shoot at night may be difficult if you are new but as time goes by, you will surely ace it. The key here is not to give up and be consistent.

Here are some tips for beginner night hunters:

Check the local restrictions

Before you plan a night hunt, it is imperative that you check for hunting and shooting limitations in your region. It is crucial that you know legal matters concerning night hunting otherwise you will be penalized. If you are in doubt, ask.

night vision rifle scope

Prepare your equipment

There are many things that you should bring but the most important thing is your rifle and the best affordable night vision rifle scope. It is practical to invest on a rifle scope if you have long-term plans of pursuing hunting and shooting. Hunting and shooting in a dense forest at night are challenging even with a flashlight. You need a night vision rifle scope to facilitate spotting of a target. You have to be careful with the light you use for a productive hunt. If there is a light, it can scare the animals away. This is when the night vision rifle scope comes into action. Just make sure that you keep the light slightly above the head of the target not to scare or alarm it.

Aside from the rifle and night vision scopes, the next thing to consider is the camouflage. Whatever you are hunting, you have to think that animals have a keen sense of smell with remarkable vision. You can successfully avoid detection with the help of camouflage. The practical thing to buy is an all-purpose camouflage.

Choose a good location

The location that you will choose can make a difference. Remember that there are animals with very keen eyesight. These animals can see things even in the dark. The trick here is to choose a hidden spot like you do when you are day hunting. You already know that the best location is an elevated area, which will give you a clear and unobstructed view of the surrounding. If you are with friends, make sure that you are close facilitating easy communication.

Determine the type of call

When you are calling, there are two types to consider: mouth operated and modern electronic models. The mouth calls are obviously cheaper and convenient to carry because it is light. It is also versatile since you can use it to make various sounds that emulate the sounds of prey.

Be patient

The night will prove to be challenging but if you are patient, you can endure everything. Animals are particularly less guarded at night but this does not mean that you can find easy targets. If you are in a specific spot for a long time and you think it is futile, try to move to an open field. Do not forget to carry your mouth or electronic call. Use the call every three to five minutes and do not give up.

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