Important points to remember with the use of polygraphs

Lie Detector Test

The availability of different machines, which are used to extract the truth from the people who are suspected to be lying, is nothing but considered as lie detector test machines or devices. There is a device namely polygraph which is popular in resulting high accuracy of extracting data from criminals. This polygraph machine observes the physiological reactions in terms of calculating respiration, cardiovascular health and all its responses will be scanned out through these machines when a person is giving the statement whether it is true or not.But there is a drawback with this machine; it detects the persons anxiety or nervous and stress abilities rather than lies. So, examiners will ask the criminals to be as confident as they are other than feeling nervous. This kind of nature affects the system working when generating results.

lie detector test


Consider some of the few points, when you use this lie detector test device namely polygraph;

  • When you feel embarrassed or feeling some kind of nervous or when you stubbing your toe, all will be calculated in this device. The lie detector test is meant for deriving whether your statement is right or wrong. This device will only say yes or no. It never says the truth. It simply tells the information you have given to the examiner is right or wrong. In this way, the test for predicting truth will be carried out.
  • Added by, the investigation team will arrange cameras in and around the room to put on records along with these tests performance.
  • No court will support for testing a person using this device. It is illegal according to court rules. But people are using these devices to find out whether the person’s argument is true or not. The key reason behind this is; people who are new to this kind of investigation, they feel some kind of nervousness and some may undergo unconsciousness due to the arrangement of  giving connections through wires to the device. When the switch is on, definitely there will be quite mind blocking when you come across questions and sometimes you will not able to answer properly. In this moment, the machines also do not produce accurate results too.


Even though there are different sources of investigation approaches available, this motive of tests enables the examiner to extract the absolute truth from the criminal very quickly. This is the reason why, these tests are termed as very reliable ones.

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