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Invest on A Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng Property

Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng Property

When investing on a real estate property, you would want to put your money on a reputed developer with a solid track record in their industry. When it comes to property development in Singapore, Chip Eng Seng is a household name. It has recently secured a real estate development project which will involve building a condominium property which will be called Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng. It is the company’s latest addition to its diversified portfolio of development and investment or industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

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Backed By Solid Experience

Chip Eng Seng was founded by Mr. Lim Tiam Seng in the 1960s when he was a subcontractor in the real estate field. Due to their quality work and competitive pricing, it did not take long for the company to grow. Soon, the firm went on to take a new role of becoming the main contractor getting its first HDB project in 1982. This signaled a new era for Chip Eng Seng in terms of market perception and brand recognition.

The company has been acquiring a lot of sites for investment and development such as Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng. They have also received numerous awards and accolades making them feel proud of working every single day in the real estate industry. Chip Eng Seng also has its own share of partnerships. It has also secured joint ventures with famous and reputable foreign funds such as Citadel Equity Fund.

Investment Opportunities Here and There

Chip Eng Seng continues to expand and seeking for investment opportunities in Vietnam and other emerging regional economies. The company is quickly making a name in the world of real estate. It has many investment projects in line in different parts of the world including Singapore and Australia. The company attributes its growth to its readiness to go the extra mile. Backed by solid ethical practices and hard work, the company has set itself apart from the pack.

Investment Opportunities At Colonial Park

Real estate investments has been the preferred choice by property investors who are looking for capital appreciation. Condos at Park Colonial offers one of the highly valuable assets with capital appreciation based on launch price and location. Its facilities offer different designs that cater to families of carrying lifestyle and sizes. At Park Colonial, expect quality furnishings from the roofing down to the interior designs to ensure quality living experience for your family. The layout ensures that you can maximize your living space according to your whims.

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