How Relationship Coaches Like Giordana Toccaceli Can Help

Relationship Coaches

We all aspire for the perfect relationship. One found in the fairy tale stories ending up in “happy ever after.” Unfortunately, this will not always be the case. No matter how much you perceive it as the perfect relationship, things will not always work out as planned. There will always be challenges that can test you and your partner. This is where a relationship coach like Giordana Toccaceli can help. When people struggle with their relationships, a coach can help them work things out.

Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching refers to the application of coaching to personal and business relationships. It is worth noting that relationship coaching is not a replacement for therapy that is provided by a licensed clinician trained to treat mental, emotional, and psychological disorders. The aim of a relationship coach is to facilitate the success of the client without providing advice or “professional opinions.

Specialties in Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaches like Giordana Toccaceli specialize in the following areas:

Single Coaching

Coaching singles is based on the philosophy that not all singles are alike. According to statistics, 44% of American adults are single and 27% of them live alone. If the trend continues, most Americans will be single. Relationship coaches aim to help their clients live a fulfilling life and have successful relationships. Most singles do not fit into the category of being lonely and desperate for a relationship. Singles have their own unique developmental goals and challenges so a coach needs to have specialized skills and strategies.

Couples Coaching

Just like singles, each couple is unique. Couples fall into different categories:

  • Dating Couples. They are singles who have an ongoing non-exclusive relationship. They see their relationship as fun and recreational. When one or both partners want to take their relationship to the next level, a relationship coach comes in.
  • Pre-committed Couples. When partners have stopped dating others and become an exclusive couple. While pre-committed couples often live together, they do not have formal long term commitments yet.
  • Pre-marital Couples. While there is already a commitment, there is no action yet to formalize the commitment.
  • Committed Couples. These are couples who have made a formal commitment and usually bring up divorce to resolve a problem.

Family Coaching

Family coaching includes nuclear and extended families, parenting, siblings, family business, and co-housing arrangements.

Business Relationship Coaching

Business coaching may involve managers and their employees, peer to peer, between divisions, between teams, and customer and vendor relationships.

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