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When was Allgreen Properties started their operation?

Allgreen Properties

Allgreen is one of the most compelling real estate groups in the country of Singapore with a high honor for its quality productions and a vigorous record of tracking and the take-up amount for its program. It was May 1999 when this company was listed on the Singapore’s stock exchange while it is mainly owned by the Kuok group. The Allgreen company has 35 more branches and another 13 linkage companies. The actual year in which Allgreen started its operation was in the year 1986, but the history and its record in relation to business could be tracked from the time when it started as a partition of Kuok group in the 1980’s.

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How do Allgreen Properties respond to their customer’s real estate queries including Fourth Avenue Residences?

The only company that has a variety of property collection that includes residential, retail and office space, serviced apartments and hotels. All properties are under equity and with ninety-nine years of tenancy. Allgreen has also registered a different type of shared project in order to participate in the expansion of all cities found in the People’s Republic of China. This consist of some combined residential, commercial, offices, serviced apartment and hotels occasions. The all green estate has a balanced aspect of commercial properties responding to the broad range of homebuyers obligations and assets including Fourth Avenue Residences at Six Avenue MRT Station. Homeowners could also easily and comfortably roam around the city because of its accessibility to all places in Fourth Avenue Residences.

Are Allgreen Properties worthy to receive the highest recognition among the Real Estate Group?

The Allgreen Properties is fully devoted to giving the best quality services to homeowners that enable them to receive the highest recognition of achievements in the real estate division. This includes Construction Excellence, Quality Mark Award, and BCA Quality Excellence Award. Future dwellers are always given the assurance of the extraordinary services from Allgreen Properties by providing them the most exceptional jobs that have been done in the past projects. Shareholders can also trust Allgreen properties to get something in return because of the job well done. Today, Allgreen Properties is considered one of the best real estate group, and they received commendable reputation for completing projects that are well done and also by giving an amazing and unique lifestyle of all the residents of Fourth Avenue which is found right at the heart of Bukit Timah.

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