Beginner’s Guide On How To Sell Bitcoins For USD

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and it is the virtual banking currency of the internet that has been used by so many investors for several years. Bitcoins are also called digital cash but many people still question what is it and how to sell it out to earn real money. Selling Bitcoins or also called ‘Cash Out’ and trade it for US dollars is one of the reasons why many are investing in this cryptocurrency. The type of exchange that you choose in order to sell your bitcoin will depend on what type of holder you are; whether you are a small investor or an institutional holder or trader.

What are Bitcoins?

Cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, who also introduced Bitcoin just a few years after. This is digital public money which is secured by computer experts called the “miners.” You will not be needing a bank account to store your Bitcoins. These are similar to physical gold coins and they have a value and trade that people can use to purchase what they want online like on Microsoft or Subway.

cash out

Bitcoin value changes regularly and this change can be minimal and sometimes it can be drastic. There are plenty of reviews on cryptocurrency and crypto conversion websites that shows how the value changes every day. Recently, it is reported that there is more than 2 billion dollars worth of Bitcoins worldwide.

Selling Bitcoins For US Dollars

There are different types of exchange to choose from when you are looking to sell your Bitcoin. If you are interested to invest on Bitcoins and sell them for USD, here are the different ways to sell them for USD:

  • CEX. This is a London-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. Founded in 2013, it has now over a million active traders and you can sell your bitcoin her in just a few clicks on their website. They have a Level 2 PCI DSS data security clearance that makes sure that they are trustworthy when it comes to their users’ data and money.
  • Coinbase. This is the best option for retail clients who are interested to sell their bitcoins. One of the most reputable Bitcoin broker worldwide and is currently providing world class service to over 32 countries. They provide direct sales of Bitcoins at the current average market rate with a 1.5% fee.
  • Kraken. This is one of the most popular exchange since 2011 which allows users for fiat currency deposits and also withdrawals. It processes most of the Bitcoin to Euro transactions also they also support other currencies like USD, CAD, and JPY.
  • Gemini. They are more known to process large orders from different institutional investors and traders. Gemini gives the exchange an ability to deal both with their institutional clients and individuals. With Gemini, you can withdraw and deposit directly from their bank accounts while the deposit and withdrawal fees are at 0 and their trading fees are at 0.25%.

These days, learning how to make use of your investment in order to earn USD is very important. For Bitcoin traders, there are now different ways for you to be able to sell your Bitcoins for USD. So what are you waiting for? Check out these options mentioned above and sell your Bitcoins for USD today!

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