Use Bitcoin Mixer For Anonymity

Use Bitcoin Mixer For Anonymity

Cryptocurrencies have gained a wide popularity due to their ease of transactions and operation. Cryptocurrencies have changed the perception of how everyone used to look at currencies. There are innumerable cryptocurrencies in the market but the most widely used is the bitcoin. The best feature provided by the bitcoin is decentralization which means that two people can indulge in transactions without the need of an intermediate person or authority. Using the bitcoins is an amazing way to remain anonymous while performing successful transactions without losing any money through transaction fees. But you should remember that the bitcoins transactions are not entirely anonymous because all the transaction records of every user are available through blockchain technology.

To remain totally anonymous a third party service is employed using a bitcoin mixer which simply exchanges or mixes your bitcoins with the bitcoins of other users to hide the address of the source sending and the address of the destination receiving the bitcoins.

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Why do you need a bitcoin mixer?

Most of the bitcoins user would be having a question that why they need a bitcoin mixer when they already have anonymity during transactions but the truth is you are not totally anonymous when you indulge in a transaction using bitcoins. Every transaction of every user of the bitcoins are recorded using a technology known as a blockchain so you can look through your and everyone’s transaction history using a blockchain and with this transaction information and some core external information a person can deduce the true owner and receiver of the bitcoins which makes it prone to hackers and spying authorities.

Here the role of the bitcoin mixer comes into play, the operation of the bitcoin mixer is quite simple you send your bitcoins to the bitcoins mixer and they charge a little transaction fee and provide you with an equivalent amount of the bitcoins which belongs to numerous users across the globe. This is done purposely to hide your identity and your bitcoins are provided at a secret address so that the trail cannot lead back to the original user of the bitcoins.

You should use a trusted and an efficient bitcoin mixer which will provide with an efficient mixing of the bitcoins so that you secrecy is maintained.

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