In the world of construction, a lot of people are used to the fact that the most practical type of fastener used in reinforcing steel frames in structures is through the use of rivets.

However, the construction industry has fully embraced modernization and along with it is the rapidly advancing technological development making it easier and more efficient in building structures in the industry.

One of the most notable technological advancement that completely changed the reinforcing aspect of fasteners is the development of tension control bolts.

Construction experts that are in the frontline discovered that using hex heads such as tension control bolts as fasteners in steel frames offers a more convenient method in construction options considering that there are only a few hex heads that are needed to be installed compared to older methods and in this way, it can provide a faster production time in building structures.

Tension control bolts

One of the most reliable variant of tension control bolts is the A 325 TC Bolts. Tension control bolts became a huge demand in the construction industry for tensioning and reinforcing strength to structural steel frames and its convenient installation. Its ease of use and also its economic benefits have put a smile on many construction companies around the world.

Its efficiency have already proven to tons of construction projects around the world. Most of tension control bolts are installed in bridges’ steel frames, skyscrapers and other buildings that require reinforced fasteners that can last long and can withstand any given situations.

Adding reputation to tension control bolts is that the American Institute of Steel Construction and the RCSC Research Council on Structural Connections both recognized its quality profile.


To provide you a wider perspective about the tension control bolts’ advantages in the construction industry is that it is proven to be cost effective since it only requires a single person to install it and it is also lightweight, non-impacting when it comes to its installation. It is also easily monitored because it can be inspected visually while it is already pre-certified, pre-matched, and pre-tested in its assembly facilities before it can be available in the market. It is also a very reliable type of fastener while it is considered a super efficient bolt tensioning that is independent on the skills of its operator and any tool settings.

Nowadays, it is practical to land a better option in the demanding world of the construction industry that is why a lot of construction companies are taking advantage of the tension control bolts’ benefits because of its easy installation that can be operated by a single person.

Proper tension is crucial when it comes to installing construction materials so that there is no damage that may occur randomly and tension control bolts ensure that there is an equal tension in all corners of a steel frame making it very dependable to keep the structure strong enough no wonder it is the best choice for many construction companies.

Newly built bridges, and buildings that you can lay our eyes out on could be using tension control bolts. You can ask the structural engineer or the contractor that handled the project.

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