Good Parenting – The Nitty-gritty

challenging activity

One of the most enjoyable, yet challenging activity that we living beings are blessed with is parenting.  Parenting thrusts immense responsibility on us, while at the same time fulfilling us with seamless joys as seen in a blog post by All living beings procreate and reproduce their own kind.  In fact, the obsessive urge to mate in living creatures is an indicator of their subconscious obsession to pass on their genes and sustain their heredity.  This strong sexual urge, especially in the male of every species, is nature’s way of ensuring the continuity of the species.

Every creature cares for its young for varying lengths of time.  While animals and birds nurture their young ones for short periods, human beings parent their kids well into the adulthood of the children and sometimes even after.  Parenting is indeed a supreme blessing and an immensely delightful activity.  Yet, it also brings with it great responsibility which every parent must aim to fulfil adequately.

subconscious obsession

As a blog post by this article throws light on how parents must strive not only to give the best to their children, but also to groom the children in such a way that they too give their best to society.  Today’s world is mainly child centric. Unlike in the bygone days today there is much more freedom to children in the family.  Children have gained roles in making choices for themselves and also in issues within the family.

Such divesting of freedom is indeed a good sign.  However, parents should also make sure that they do not make the children feel too authoritative.  They should not be raised to feel that they deserve the best all the time.  Some parents never say “no” to anything their children say or do.  They somehow want to protect their offspring all the time, and never allow their kids to face anything unpleasant.

While such parents may be doing so out of their boundless love, what they do not realize is that this is actually not a good thing to do.  Love your children, but let them also be exposed difficulties too. Real life brings thorns also with roses.  If we insulate our children completely from hardships when they are young, they will not grow up to be capable, balanced and mature persons when they grow.  Rear children in reality, not in a make believe world.

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