New Ideas and New Experiences in Digital Industry

New Experiences in Digital Industry

Innovation is all about making things better. New ideas are coming into life and changing the world rapidly. Every business is looking for innovative ideas which could help those producing better goods and services. Creating a better experience for customers will keep them ahead in the competition. Technology is playing a major role in bringing the ideas into practice and making dreams come true. It is revolutionizing all the industries starting from farming, gaming, and entertainment to energy,defense and space etc.

D-Box digital technology

Innovation in movie Industry:

We have been watching movies in theater with no motion either in our seats or screen for years. 3D technology in movies has come into existence with new ways of thinking and gave us new experience. It added third dimension to our movie experience and has brought motion picture with an illusion to us.You need to wear 3D glasses made with special technology to watch 3D enabled movies and games. Now, this motion element has been added to your sitting chair with D-Box digital technology. D-Box seats are slowly occupying our movie theaters, home theaters, games zone and planetariums etc. Audiences are finding movies with D-Box digital perspective very cool, fun and a great experience.

Few movie theatres are offering a bunch of D-Box seats for which you need to pay extra bucks. You can even have this experience at your home theater. Just buy one and sit in a d-box chair while watching movies or playing video games.Sitting in ad-box chair and watching planet positions in a d-Box chair is an awesome experience. These seats make you immerse in the movie while movies take your imagination to the next level.


Companies who are designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products will rock the show and surely survive long. Now, the war is between ideas. Persons and companies who think innovatively can change the morphology of industries, the world and human lives as whole. Every bit of every industry is getting changed with implementing new ideas. Change is the only constant thing and it is the only way to make existing things better and finding new ways for better living and experiences.

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