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TaleCup is a total bunch of amusement that is integrated with a lot of pieces of information. It also suggests plenty of subjects that give quick detailed ideas about the present reality of these aspects. TaleCup equips the audience with ideas and the real point of views that convinced the interest of everyone. In the news section, the readers are informed about present issues of various things and activities that are happening around the globe.

What different knowledge are inculcated by Talecup? 

While in history, it gives the reader the taste of the times whose stories can be illustrated now. In tutorials, the readers can learn different lessons online while inspiration serves as the refresher which leads the readers to a greater sense of responsibility out from the lessons learned. While ghost stories linked the readers to the world and believe their existence politics talks about the world in which human dwells.

TaleCup categories

TaleCup categories that a reader must not miss:

As everyone begins the adventure from the past events and experiences and moving on to the most recent history, a lot of changes will be taking place in all aspects of life. And all of these changes could make the world the most perfect place to live in. Ancient history is an expansive subject.

Featured events vary with its classifications:

  • Featured, History Timeline: Events of Ancient History- nothing is permanent in this world, as the clock starts to click new events are taking place as well. This brings some changes that could be seen directly among the upcoming generations. The most famous significant events that took place include natural occurrence, the birth of religions, civilizations, technology advancement, artist and creators, wars, religious propagation.
  • Featured, Information focuses on Palmistry, a quick guide to Magic and Divination- this is one way of telling future events by just using the features of the palm. By using the line, shapes, and spots of the palm, a fortune teller could exert effort by predicting what event would take place with every individual in the upcoming event of one’s life.
  • History Local focuses on Great Personalities such as Ahmedabad which represent the braveness and the messenger of the rich history of some famous personalities that has contributed to the history of specific cities.
  • Featured, Inspiration focuses on the Facts on Child Labor in India- this is a movement where children of minor age are forced to engage in activities in the community in full-time basis that are considered risky to the part of the children. These activities are depriving the children of the enjoyment of being in school to learn, from playing which is a part of their childhood growth and some other basic necessities a child should have.

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