Business explainer video- A trend setter

explainer videos for business

If you are a startup company trying to get recognized in the ever-growing and existing brands in the business,it’s always a good idea to structure and showcase your company’s worth by creating a business explainer video. Business explainer videos are also known as B2B videos.

Meaning of Business explainer video

A short video that describes a company’s solutions, services and products in the market is called a business explainer video. Business explainer videos are known to be the preferred form of content that are engaging and highly effective that can substantially boost a company or an organization’s online presence and customer engagement. Most of these explainer videos created to influence the online viewers, it can any type of audience or third party sites like Vimeo, YouTube or any other social media platforms.

explainer videos for business

With the competition getting rife, companies are using B2B videos in their marketing campaigns and to enhance various other areas to expand business. Few B2B business explainer videos that have gained immense popularity in the market are listed below:

  1. BCG-Boston consulting Group – Boston Group’s video displays the convenience of handling finances with the help of smart processing technologies.
  2. IBM Cloud Security – IBM’s B2B business explainer video outlines how the company improves the defenses and decreases risk with security solutions from the cloud.
  3. Ipsen – A pharmaceutical group- The video highlights the efficiency of Ipsen’s healthcare services to the viewers.
  4. IP Nexus consultancy services- the explainer video of Nexus displays its vision of its company to encourage innovation and transfer of global technological understanding.
  5. Simplelife – HRM business explainer–this video shows how Simple life-an employee benefits administration platform, empowers and elevates employee’s insurance experience.
  6. Trusnet –Online B2B marketplace- Trusnet is basically a platform for various businesses to register and connect to multiple businesses and suppliers. The business explainer video puts across how Trusnet can securely deliver their services to the providers.
  7. Wirecard-Payment solutions – The video shows how Wirecard, which is a software and IT specialist company can streamline and eliminate the complexities of payment processing and ensure online payment to be secure and transparent.

To demonstrate a company’s profile and what it has to offer can be implemented in these videos by applying the below notable points:

  1. Build a strong creatively designed summary of the company.
  2. Try to add a reference video or put together multiple video elements from various sources.

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