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The famous term drivetrain might look simple to people but not many people are able to define it correctly. Starting with the meaning of the term, this is a mechanism through which the power from the engine reaches the driving wheels. It includes a number of components that work in relation with each other to deliver the power needed to rotate that is created by the engines and reaches the tires. The major component includes transaxle, drive shaft or half shaft. There is a highly trained team of car service technicians that brings years of experience in serving the car drivetrains to the vehicle. Feel free to contact for an appointment on spot and let the service do their work and bring the best service, quick, affordable and efficient drive train services. The service from West Coast beats the competition that it gets from other services for a BMW car. With the combination of forty plus years of an experience in the German engineered vehicles, one can rest assured that a vehicle will be taken care of at a rate unbeatable by anyone.

used cars in montclair

The best service is the first drivetrain service in South California:

At West Coast one can expect an excellent drivetrain service for manual and automatic transmission in 4WD, 2WD and AWD automobiles:

  • Inspection for leaks in driveline seals.
  • Fluid lubrication inspection and replacement
  • Drivetrain inspection that includes front check, rear differential, drive shafts, joints and boots, transfer case, gaskets and seals.

Oil replacement by West Coast BMW service in Montclair:

  • An oil change that might be Drain and Refill Oil.
  • Replacement option for Engine Oil filter.
  • Some additional free services including:
  • Road testing
  • Hand wash and vacuum
  • Lamp inspection from interior and exterior.
  • Visual inspection.

One can get a free computer diagnostic and find what is going on with your BMW car.

  • The price of four cylinders with the west coast factory parts is dollar 59.95 while the other services are selling the same at a price around dollar 79.95.
  • One has to pay 99.95 dollars with other services for 6 cylinders while with West Coast one can get the cylinder at 79.95 dollars.
  • For 8 cylinders one has to pay around 109.95 dollars while for the same with other service providers one has to pay dollar 124.95.

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