Best Telecom Service Provider in Oslo

Mobile Subscriptions in Oslo

Well among the available mobile subscriptions in Oslo city of Norway, the widely used telecom services are Telenor and Netcom. These are the two major mobile companies whose services are mostly used by the locals like purchasing their new Sim cards from electronic retailers to activating them on any mobile devices. They also provide good coverage of mobile data to access in all its major cities and towns. Telenor is one of the best telecommunications operator whose broadband and other services are accessed by all residential, business customers and broad range of wholesale services. Thus stands to be the key contributor for the research and innovation in Norway from past 160 years and still continuing.

Best Features of Telenor Mobile Subscriptions

According to the need of customers they have cheap to costly mobile subscriptions that let you make unlimited calls, text messages and control of data consumption that is around 10 GB. Mobil and U21 are the newly introduced mobile subscriptions of Telenor Norway. Their coverage ends in Komplett range. From past three years the data consumption on mobile phones in this area had increased a lot that is more than 150 % with higher 4G speed and cloud storage service like Min Sky (Capture).

All know that today internet which is the most powerful tool is accessible on mobile phones with good speed and network coverage like 3G and 4G. Hence Telenor is the country’s leading telecom service provider with excellent data services that reached millions of people. Their subscriptions also provide insurance facility and twin data cards.

So they are proven to control data consumption on mobile with best tele services but also popular cloud storage service provider with Capture. The U21 is a fixed monthly subscription that covers the subscription plan for entire family having two children who are aged under 21. To maintain their data consumption they had included a service called Datakontroll Norge which prevents excess data usage after the allowance is used up.


Oslo is a city in Norway. This region has immensely increased the usage of mobile services and data consumption from past three years. This telecom operator is country’s leading tele services, data services and broadband provider. They also offers mobile and fixed telephony to all their customers.

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