What does it takes to be blockchain developer?

What does it takes to be blockchain developer

For a person to become a blockchain developer there is a requirement to have resources to meet the demand of education and a person has to dedicate his or her time to learn everything about it. There are online classes which can really help a person learn. It is to remember that this is not something that one can learn like that, there is no magic pill that can give you the complete knowledge about blockchain and it will certainly take time to be a blockchain developer.

The process must start with understanding the basics. This is sometimes considered as the biggest hurdle with anything as revolutionary and new such as a blockchain technology which is to get familiar with the different concepts integral to a system.

Most of the blockchain engineers are well-versed in crypto part of the cryptoeconomics equation but their knowledge of economics is not certainly up to the mark. This difference in knowledge makes it extremely apparent when a person studies some of the ICOs floating around which is quite obvious to see that economics side of the ICO’s is not well thought out. It is a great idea to learn about cryptoeconomics.

Challenges faced by a blockchain developer:

As a blockchain developer, there will be tons of challenges that a person has to face that includes creating and maintaining public blockchain which is not easy because of many reasons like security, resource management and performance.

Security: The first code is public which remains open for everyone to see. Anyone can check for bugs, look at code and vulnerabilities. There is a downside which is that any hack can get away with potentially millions of dollars because of the legitimate security concerns the development process on a blockchain is usually slow.

Resource management: It is quite important to keep the pace with the network. One cannot afford to fall far behind and not keeping up with all the demands of the network. One should be well equipped to handle local queries and remote. Blockchain performance must remain to highest possible capabilities.

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