Rubber washers

Rubber washers

A rubber washer is a thin circular material with a centrally placed hole made of rubber. It is used to serve mechanical purposes. Mechanical devices use this type of washer to reduce the noise level. It prevents vibration spreading from one portion to another. To understand the work-process of a rubber washer, you first need to know the basic characteristics of the classic metal washer. Here the washer is used to make steady the area where the nut or a screw meets the surface, and a classic washer distributes the total load equally. Now, what does a rubber washer do? It is better to accommodate complicated spaces and also provides an extra sealing benefit. Rubber washers allow the user to water-proof their project successfully.

All of the rubber washers are made of elastomeric materials. According to the type of your project, you have to choose the best suitable material for the rubber washer. You also need to understand the range of the temperature the washer is going to be exposed. The second important factor is the longevity of the device, means what type of durability you are expecting from your project and so from the rubber washer simultaneously.

A rubber washer also can create a seal and stop air or liquid from leaking outside thus it makes your device water resistant. This type of washer is generally used in the wet regions because unlike a metal washer, rubberized washer won’t rust. So, you can fix it into a moist area.

rubberized washer

Where do we use a rubberized washer?

Rubber washers are used generally for mounting computer parts. CPU fan and hard disks drivers can be installed with the help of a rubber washer. It decouples the motor from the computer case, and so it prevents the resonance chamber from amplifying unnecessary noise.

There are different types of rubber washers are available depending on varieties of requirements. Some of them are constructed of synthetic rubber and other different materials. With the help of a rubber washer, you can make your project more efficiently and smoothly.

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