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The New Launch Condominium In Singapore To Invest With

New Launch Condominium In Singapore

Buying a new condominium is one of the common aspirations of the residents in Singapore. Others also are rooting for new condos as an investment regardless of the hefty price tag. For this reason, a new launch condo is the best option for investors. Avenue South Residence is one of the most cost-effective option to get your own unit in Singapore. Most of the time the new launch condo come with discounts from the developers. But, buying new condos can also be overwhelming especially if it is your time owning one. You need to consider the legalities, requirements, and some rules or terminologies. The process of choosing which condo to settle down is confusing. Thus, determine first your reason for buying and how much you can afford.

Determine Your Reason For Buying

If you are buying a new condo for the first time in Singapore, then you need to know the acquisition process. The rules depend on the developer so, seek advice to get everything right. First things first,  before dotting the line, determine the purpose of your buy. This is important as this will lead you to the type of condo that suits your needs. Are you buying a new condo unit to live in or purchasing it as your investment? This is the crucial part as not all new condos are generally made the same. You need to consider the amenities, convenience, and all other qualities. Also, the type of development says it all before you move on to the actual buying process.

The Development Qualities

The development qualities of the condo are vital and it must be worthy enough to invest with. There are many condos that you can get as resale in Singapore but, getting the new ones are the best option. This is why purchasing a unit at Avenue South Residence is a great choice for you. It is actually a new condo launch by UOL, UIC, and Kheng Leong developers. The condo’s prime location sat on Silat Avenue giving you the center stage of the unit. It also designed with a massive skyscraper and a 56-story building on 2 tower blocks.

Avenue South Residence

Under the work of the renowned developers, all units have unblocked views of the area. You can get to see the beautiful sea and enjoy the scenic nature views. Also, the location itself is a worthy buy that gives you all the amenities around.

Strategic Location

The Avenue South Residence is near at the Prince Charles Crescent road. You can also see it within the District03, right on the outskirts of the CCR. This area is significant for investment purposes as it has all the amenities. The transportation is also considerable and some other facilities. There are schools, shopping centers, medical facilities, and commercial ventures around. You can see the condominium area with a trendy neighborhood as well.

Investment Purposes

Buying a new condo in Singapore can be also your long term investment as you can earn from it. A favorable location of the condo helps to generate a smooth flow of passive income. You can let someone live there and earn a monthly occupancy. So, determine very well if you are buying a private condominium or an executive condo. This way, you can resell your unit or have it for rentals.

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