Choose your First Truck with Remote Control

Truck with Remote Control

If you are thinking of buying your first truck with remote control, here are some things you should keep in mind. People would advise you to take the RTR kit (ready to launch) to get started. These RTR RC trucks are often supplied fully assembled or require only minimal assembly, such as attaching tires to wheels. Most of these models now also include 2-channel radio and pre-installed servos, which saves you from trying to pick up radio with servos.

Ready-made kits may be a bit more expensive than their base unassembled counterparts, but if you have no build experience, this will save you weeks of work during assembly, frustration and mistakes.

Imagine that you can take your new nitro RC truck home or deliver it to your door, take it out of its packaging, insert several batteries and fill it with nitrogen fuel … and immediately get on the dirt road! This is the beauty of the RTR RC kits.

Some more experienced runners or even very adventurous beginners may want to build their monster truck from scratch so they know all the components and how they are assembled. But even with the RTR model, you still get this knowledge, supporting, modifying and customizing your truck as soon as you start using it. If you are planning to build your own truck, wait for 3 to 5 days to assemble it. You can expect to pay 50-100 dollars more for a ready-to-use nitro truck, and probably pay 300-500 dollars for a reliable, high-quality RC truck.

RC trucks

To start working immediately, you will need some extra services that you must remember to add to your order, otherwise, you will not be able to take out your truck on the first day! Obviously, you will need a little fuel, and the fuel tank is the best option for refuelling to avoid fuel spills. In addition, you will need a glow plug heater, and you may need an electric starter if your truck does not have a starting cable. It is also recommended to have some oil for regular maintenance of the lubricant after the first start. In general, these additions should not cost you more than 50-100 dollars.

Playing with monster trucks with best rc truck for beginners is completely new entertainment. You can take control of the road, leave your worries and run along the road. There are several monstrous electric vans. They are great all year round, in winter they climb snow mounds in the summer on grassy hills. You can drive a truck with remote control and have fun for more than a few minutes. The more you run against the monster, the more you can manage it.

In summary

Yes, it can be a costly pastime, but compare this with the adrenaline rush action on these monster RC trucks, and there is no competition! After all, it’s just money!

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