Blockchain: Revolutionizing The Ticketing Platform Today

Ticketing Platform Today

The day of the scalpers is now over. Today is a good start to eliminate scalpers and get fans to have good seats. How can it be possible? YellowHeart Blockchain is utilized recently that revolutionizes ticketing platform. 2 faces of businesses appears here. First, the tickets are sold from the event organizer, fixed price, as face value. It is where the tickets are first time sold. Upon buying the ticket, the fans can’t get good seats once it is on sale. The scalpers will steal it using bots. Second, the tickets are resold for profiting purpose. When you check on the ticket industry, it is composed of vast numbers of the secondary market. The secondary market is composed of middlemen asking overcharge to the concert-goers. Profits earned from the ticket will not be shared with the artists.

revolutionizes ticketing platform

Fans must be alarmed with gimmicks

Did you know that the secondary market is a gimmick?¬† It has been existing in the market even it makes the fans getting fooled. Why? It asks for overcharge than the face value of the ticket. A lot of particular sites allow to resold tickets at a higher price. The fans will be forced of overpaying for a good seat. YellowHeart Blockchain is ready to give back the power in the fans’ hands. Now, getting good seats should not go through ticket scalpers. Party-goers should celebrate now. Purchasing an overpriced ticket has ended. The revolutionized blockchain technology will change the industry starting today. No more fans will get fooled and trapped from being forced to buy pricey tickets. You can’t have flawed tickets for live concerts now. Today is the day to say goodbye to the counterfeiting, high fees, and predatory secondary markets.

A modern ticketing platform 

A decentralized ticketing platform is aiming for the benefits of all concert-goers. It changes everything; from overcharging to scalping good seats. Tickets are all managed with the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology. The unbreakable technological rules are advantageous to all events or parties. It has been utilized by the event attendees to venues, and artists. Moreover, provenance and digital ticket ownership will be verifiable publicly. It always provides effective measures to fight dishonest sales of tickets. Tickets can now be resold for a predetermined amount. The money will be distributed to a predetermined artist, venue, fan, and promoter. Even in charities can be applied while at the same time blocking the scalpers from making money. Blockchain technology is putting a wall on how scalpers steal money to the clients.

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