The Six Signs of Alcoholism: Do You Need an Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol Rehab

If you are concerned about an alcoholic family member or friend, it is time that you help him/her. Before helping, you must be certain that he/she shows a sign of alcoholism. Alcoholism is a severe form of alcohol abuse, which involves the inability to handle drinking habits.

If you want your family member or friend to lead a life of sobriety, it is crucial that you first know six clear signs of alcoholism so you can get help. The six signs of alcoholism include the following:

Inability to control alcohol consumption

If your family member or friend is saying that he/she is not going to drink for a certain period but ends up drinking anyway, it is a clear sign of alcoholism. The inability to control alcohol consumption can make things worse and if it is mixed with different prescription medications, things could quickly escalate.


Another clear sign of alcoholism is tolerance. This is the ability to consume increasing amounts of alcohol without experiencing its effects. Keep in mind that high tolerance is a sign that someone is drinking too much thereby causing damage to the body.

Remember that when the body handles an overdose of alcohol daily, it will compensate and minimize the damage. In the end, this will mean that if a family member or friend consumes the same amount of alcohol over a long period, the drinking effects will decrease giving him/her drive to increase consumption.

control alcohol consumption


Aside from the inability to control alcohol consumption and tolerance, one clear sign of alcoholism is a blackout. If the family member or friend suffers long-term memory loss for days or weeks at a time, he/she needs professional help. Bear in mind that during alcohol-induced amnesia, he/she may be capable of causing harm to others.

Disregarded responsibilities

Whether it is neglecting children or the friendship, if the family member or friend fails to meet responsibilities demanded from him/her because of a hangover, it could indicate alcoholism.


While your family member or friend is doing his/her best to stop drinking, it will not be easy especially if withdrawal symptoms set in. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms will start five to ten hours after having the last drink and it could last for many days. If the withdrawal symptoms are not managed well, it is time to seek professional help.

Destruction of personal relationships

There is no surprise that alcoholism can destroy marriages and drive families apart. If you notice a family member or friend pulling away, it is time that you seek professional help.

Final words

If a family member or friend shows a combination of more than two of the six signs of alcoholism, there is a need to check in to Alcohol Rehabs. These rehab centers can help your family member or friend purge the substance from his/her body. The key here is to be with him/her along the way. Your support can mean the difference between recovery and failed treatment.

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