Comparison between Investing in Movie and Real Estate

Comparison between Investing in Movie and Real Estate

Back in 2006, it was heard that the safest type of investment was real estate. On the other hand, still in a similar year, many folks are making a considerable sum of money through film investment and Ryan Kavanaugh is one of them. Ryan Colin knew about the profit other investors were making through real estate, but still, he prefers investing in the film industry.

That means he had a secret that made him prefer investing in the Movie industry than other business sectors, provided that he still invested in other businesses. Below are various reasons Ryan Colin find it worth investing in the movie industry than in real estate:

Comparison between Investing in Movie and Real Estate

Factors building an apartment

It is always easy to create a movie and also market it, just the same as building an apartment and market. The only difference is that it involves different knowledge. For instance, in real estate, if you want to make a rental unit, you have to hire various experts to work on several aspects of the building.

Therefore, the duty of an investor to coordinate the workers and look for building permits but not teach them how they should do their work. Another responsibility he should mostly consider is applying for changes of zoning and many more. An investor can as well hire a professional contractor while will they hire various workers.

Facts about creating film investment

A single movie can offer revenue for nearly 60 years or even more. And once it is created, there is no regular maintenance, unlike real estate construction. For instance, Ryan Kavanaugh is still making a grand sum of money from the movie he produced many years ago.

The cost of film production

Therefore, single film production can multiple huge incomes compared to what rental apartment can offer. However, it mostly works for lower production budget films. For instance, with a home PC, a digital camera, and various actors who play different roles, a quality film can be created for just $200,000 to $300,000.


The above information simply shows that movies are worth investing for compared to real estate. Therefore, don’t be deceived by just exaggeration displayed on the real estate website while you can easily create a low budget movie and make big money for many years to come. Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the famous investors who can testify the goodness they’ve experienced through investing with film production and financing.

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