If you have vision problems, you need to get prescription glasses or contact lenses. These options are not enjoyable; glasses fall off now and then, while contact lenses are uncomfortable to wear. Well, gone are those days. Today, we have options for vision correction that are not as uncomfortable as the two. You can now have perfect vision without glasses or contacts from the moment you wake up to the minute you fall asleep. Kraff Eye Institute, among many other institutes, have ophthalmologists that can perform LASIK eye surgery. If you are still wondering whether you can trust LASIK for your vision, here are reasons why you should.


Saves you money

LASIK is expensive on the surface, but it is a one-time expense. It saves you money in the long run. If you calculate your total payments on your glasses and contact lenses, you will find out that they are even more expensive than LASIK. Some insurance companies are willing to help you pay for a part of the costs of LASIK.

Enjoy sports

Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses takes out the fun when playing sports. You worry about those two, and it prevents you from performing at an optimal competitive level. LASIK improves an athlete’s performance by removing that concern.

Less chance of eye infection

Eye infection from contact lenses is one of the most common reasons why people visit the eye doctor. The risk of getting infected is higher when you do not take proper hygienic precautions with your contact lenses. Glasses can also cause eye infections if you do not clean them regularly. You do not have to worry about this with LASIK.

More comfortable

Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses are very uncomfortable. You can get headaches with new prescription eyeglasses, and they always press down on your nose and ears. Your eyes can get dry and feel sore over time when you wear contact lenses. LASIK can let you kiss this frustration and discomfort goodbye.

Best vision possible

LASIK provides better vision correction than eyeglasses and contact lenses. The eye doctor makes tiny adjustments to your eye when performing LASIK surgery. Prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses cannot provide these adjustments.

Precise and accurate

LASIK uses computer-guided lasers that are precise and accurate. The laser pulses create microscopic cavities within the cornea with shallow energy. The surrounding tissue is safe from any damage. Now, those tiny cavities form the flap in the first step of the procedure. The excimer laser is a cool, ultraviolet light beam that reshapes the cornea by removing microscopic layers of tissue. It improves the focus of the eye.

You also need to have a thorough eye exam with a highly-qualified refractive surgeon. It will help you determine if LASIK is right for you. The doctor will give you a recommendation on what to do.

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