Sourdough Bread Is Not That Hard, Know Its Benefits

It is known as one of the healthiest of bread. Due to its benefiting characteristics, it is very much recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Unlike other foods, it is simple, and most importantly, sourdough bread is not that hard to bake. This makes it possible for anyone to make it. Even for the people who have no baking skills, it is easy to learn as it needs very few and simple ingredients and steps.

The advantages of sourdough bread

  • There is no need for baker’s yeast as it depends on constituents like wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, which are naturally present in the flour.
  • Study shows that the sourdough bread’s fermentation process decreases the content of phytate by 24 to 50 percent compared to the usual bread available in the market. Phytates are the antinutrients that are responsible for the nutrient absorbing ability of the human body.
  • The fermentation also releases the antioxidant present in the dough thus, making it healthier.
  • Other than the health benefits, the procedure also increases the flavor of the bread. This is also a plus point to the fact that sourdough bread is not that hard to prepare for anyone.
  • It is a good means of controlling the sugar level in the blood. Other breads and usual staple food like rice and noodles tend to have a higher presence of carbohydrates, which only causes sugar level growth. This can be catastrophic for people suffering from high sugar and diabetes.

Better with digestion

  • Due to the prebiotic content and properties, sourdough bread digest easier than the usual bread that is prepared using baker’s yeast.
  • The gluten level in the bread is much lower than that of the other kinds. Gluten can otherwise cause various health issues like bloating, stomach ache, and even diarrhea.

The overall conclusion

Considering all these scientifically proven positive facts about sourdough bread, it is one of the healthiest of bread compared to the rest of the conventional ones. People who seek fitness and are conscious about hygienic consumption should consider trying it.


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