Fresh herbs: the secret of good recipes

this recipe for butternut squash fries

Fresh herbs have the almost magical ability to transform any dish into true delicacy: cold soup or hot stew, drinkor dessert, everything wins with a well-chosen fresh herb.The choice of flavors is endless: chocolate mint, pineapple sage, Thai basil, lemon thyme … Each herb gives off a distinct and incomparable aroma and flavor. Although some herbs taste similar, they cannot always be substituted. Go to Foodal for food related articles.

Aromatic herbs

Although they are part of the mint family, herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender contain concentrated elements that give them a delicate piney smell and taste. This characteristic makes it easy to substitute the herbs of this family among themselves, but not always with other herbs.


The leaf of the coriander plant deserves special attention, since it is the most commonly used herb in the world. In some cuisines, the stems and roots are used, while coriander seeds are fairly well known. It enhances the flavor of almost any spicy dish and pairs well with the creamy flavors and textures of mild Canadian cheeses and sour cream.Visit Foodal for food related articles.

Leaf grasses

The invigorating aromas and versatile flavors of leaf herbs like mint, Italian basil, oregano and flat-leaf parsley make them classic toppings, which just need to be finely chopped. Used whole, the leaves are delicious in salads; parsley, oregano or tarragon leaves will add sparkle to a salad of young lettuce. Lightly torn mint or basil will work wonders in fruit salads, especially if served with whipped cream, yogurt or cottage cheese. In addition, the fat in dairy products helps herbs to release their aromas.

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