Email marketing from prospects to customers

In the 21st century, email advertising changed the form, content and techniques used through traditional mail for almost the entire 20th century. The email marketing, email advertising, has great advantages over the advertising done using traditional mail. The latter implies very high costs, in relation to the low investment of resources in advertising made through the use of email.

Undoubtedly, the economic rationale behind both ways of advertising by mailing lists in Lisle reinforces email advertising, even with its disadvantages compared to traditional mail advertising. In the digital world, the optimization of resources thanks to the digital copy of information and the digital means of circulation and transmission, allow the delivery of mail content at hyper speed. The Internet information highway enables the innovation and promotion of increasingly innovative advertising techniques; also subversive, so transformative.

Mailing and its application within email marketing

Among the techniques used by email marketing is mailing or cyberbullying, personalized direct email advertising, containing brochures, magazines, etc .; as opposed to mailing, a traditional personalized direct mail delivery with advertising and hand-to-hand delivery. The mailing, despite being a direct mass mail, is not spam (junk mail), it is a direct and personalized advertising email, with prior authorization and registration. Even though it is called cyberbullying, it does not guarantee the delivery or the opening by the recipient of the sent mail.

Direct email sending is used in various techniques of digital marketing of electronic messages. It serves to strengthen relations between the business and active and passive clients through the sending of messages; It is also used as a means of building customer loyalty and promoting sales. It is used to send messages, get new customers, or win old customers to buy goods and services. It is also used to introduce digital advertising in emails from other companies aimed at their customers and users.

Direct email marketing campaigns

The first thing that the mailing needs to carry out a campaign is a good and updated database, because the efficiency of the effort and the resources invested in it will depend on its updating. Old data is useless, it is just a waste of time.

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