Locking system with advanced technology

Key features of fingerprint locking system:

With the development of technology, it is much easier to assure safety. At present, there may type of locking systemthat is more stress-free especially when one is out for a long duration of time. Let’s see what makes it different from the rest of the locking system.The unique fingerprint digital lock has certain features which make them worth to be used if security is the key factor.

  • It is user-friendly for access. It has different methods to access, which depend on the user’s convenience. As it has different access it is very friendly to be case of if the user forgets the PIN code, it has the other option like a fingerprint as well as an RFID method to unlock the door.
  • If there is any doubt about the installation. not to worry it’s just as simple as fixing the lock to the door. It is designed to keep in mind the easy installation procedures.

  • It also comes with the away mode where if one is not at home due to a long vacation the user has an option to use away mode which can be done from the outside part of the door. This will prohibit all methods of unlocking doors like fingerprint, card, or even PIN code. The most interesting point is that it can also deter indoor access by triggering an alert tone.
  • It also comes with a double locking system and prevents unlocking which is unexpected from the outside. It can be enabled with the option of holdingthe open or close button at least for three seconds.

Isn’t it unique? there is very rare that one can miss this smart locking system by knowing many of its benefits.

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