What does ULC give to the kids of Singapore?

In Singapore it is normal that many people from different nationalities live here and come there to work or study. As one of the widely used languages around the world is English, it becomes important for everyone to learn it and speak it in a good way. In Singapore, there are many platforms that offer English classes, and one of the best is ULC, which stands for United Language Center. If you are from different nationality and living in Singapore with your kids, then it will be essential for your kid as well to adapt to the country and speak their language. ULC is indeed one the best places to provide English course for kids and that too this course is online.

Courses offered for kids by ULC

ULC offers online English classes for kids. They have among the best teachers that have experience and knowledge in how to teach kids. They also have some activities that kids find fun and learning. The admission process is also very easy and does not take time. For starting there is a form that needs to be filled out. Once that form is filled out, the ULC teacher will contact and conduct a 15-minute test to know the level of English your child has. After the test, one of the team members will consult you and let you know about the results and other things about classes. After that, there will be a trial class in which the teacher will teach your kid and you can also evaluate whether your kid is comfortable or not. Later on, you will again get a call from their team member to discuss and finalize further things.

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