The Best Places To Live In Virginia?

best places to live in Virginia

The home is where you find security, warmth, and quietness. We dream of our residence situated in the ideal place in the country. And one of those excellent locations, Virginia. People say Virginia is the town for lovers, so correct it is. With the beaches, clear weather, and long summers Virginia, is the best place to live. If you are perplexed about finding a good residency, then read about the best places to live in Virginia. 

Arlington. The Best Place To Locate Your Home

Arlington is located between Virginia and Washington DC. And is the perfect place to find your residence. The City is vibrant and colorful and consists of buzzy nightlife. The City has excellent schooling, good jobs, and a serene environment.

The city is chirpy and with sincere neighbors. The cost of living is high average rent swings from $1827 to $607700 for a medium house. However, people here are happy to spend money, prevailing comfortably. The city has low crime. And limited commute and great social life.

Virginia Beach. The Busiest Part Of The City

The cost of living in Virginia Beach is low. Residents living here adore the location for the untamed beauty. The place is safe and with zero crime incidence. The security system is tight. The cost of living ranges up to $259900. High-definitive schools are around the corner.

The place is full of spirit, with many restaurants and tourist attractions like the Aquarium, Maritime Museum, Mount Trashmore, and stunning beaches all around the city.

Chantilly. The City of Colors.

Do you love nature? And love to live in a place with blissful scenarios? Then Chantilly is the one for you. The colorful boulevards and well-constructed town in Fairfax County are lovely to stay forever. The townlet is evenly designed and has the sweetest people. Chantilly has never heard about any crimes and has a sound authoritative structure.

Chantilly is affordable to live in, and the residency cost swings to $456000. The beautiful attraction to make you fall in love is Ellanor C. Lawrence, Sully Plantation, and National Air Space Museum.

Bottom Line

These are the best places to live in Virginia. They are affordable, lively, and have good schooling, industries, and a beautifully designed town.

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