Learn How To Make Homemade Bong


No doubt, smoking marijuana has become more and more popular in recent years. Many people believe that marijuana can be a better alternative to alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs because it is non-addictive. But among all the advantages of smoking marijuana, it also has its dangers.

You should know many things before using a homemade bong or any other drug paraphernalia, like how dangerous it can be if you mix the wrong substances or use an unsafe method of consumption. Some of these dangers are as follows:

-You may get an infection from the outside of the bong. The goal of a bong is to cool and filter the smoke, so it does not burn your throat, so keep this in mind before using a homemade bong.

-Marijuana can be unpredictable and dangerous when mixed with other substances such as alcohol or other drugs. A drug lighter than marijuana may affect your body at different rates; therefore, be sensitive to its effects. Remember that the higher the potency of the marijuana you smoke, the stronger its products will be.

-It is hazardous to use an unsafe method of smoking marijuana. The high temperature can make the bong under your water boil over, resulting in hot liquids spilling out directly on you. To keep yourself safe, you should use a bong whose mouth is more comprehensive than its base and has a tray to hold the water. Also, keep the marijuana from the flame so it can get sufficiently heated to produce smoke.

-Many people experience a respiratory infection after smoking marijuana. Try inhaling slowly and gently instead of taking large breaths that can irritate your throat and lungs. Make sure you have plenty of fresh air in your environment to avoid breathing problems or low oxygen levels.


-The bong can damage your lungs and cause a severe asthma attack. Exposure to smoke has been shown to reduce the airways in the lungs, which can lead to pneumonia and even lung cancer in some cases.

-Use a cigarette lighter rather than matches or lighter fluid that may be dangerous. Using a lighter while smoking marijuana is always hazardous because it may ignite the marijuana instead of producing smoke, causing burns and potentially serious injuries.

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