Broadband without direct debit

Broadband without direct debit

While broadband suppliers prefer that you pay your bills by direct debit, they regularly accept different methods for payment. Sadly, utilizing these will cost you more, yet likewise, with each standard, there’s a special case available for best broadband deals.

See whether your supplier gives you a chance to pay with a money order, Visa or in real money, and on the off chance that they’ll charge you for doing as such. These will apply whether you’re bought into line rental, ADSL broadband, fibre optic broadband, or TV.

Post Office

The Post Office is the main broadband supplier that enables clients to pay their bills in real money without acquiring extra charges. Clients can pay over the counter in branches, making it both basic and an incredible answer for those on a tight spending plan. You can likewise pay by debit, Mastercard, cheque, bank transfer, and obviously, in the event that you need to pay by direct debit, you can do that as well.

fibre optic broadband


BT accepting singular bill payments with Visa (on the web and via telephone), cheque and money (by means of PayPoint outlets in shops and garages). Now and again, you might most likely pay charges through bank transfers, however, you’ll have to check with your bank and BT to check whether this is possible. In case you’re not paying by direct debit or Visa, be that as it may, you’ll have to subscribe into Line Rental Plus – a service with additional features and a somewhat more expensive rate.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media, additionally accepts Mastercard, cheque and money payments for individual bills. Debit card payments can be made on the web or via telephone, and money can either be paid at PayPoint outlets (search for the yellow sign on shops and petroleum stations) or at the bank. Know that paying some other route than direct debit will cost you charges additional every year.

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