Types of Spice Blends

Types of Spice Blends

Spices are a great deal of flavor to any dish. Spices could be seeds, roots, barks, fruits or flowers. Spice blends are a combination of different spices. They provide a more complex flavor to any cuisine recipes. Blends of herbs and spices provide an intriguing flavor combination to the normal dishes. Some of the spice blends can be made in your home as well. They are fairly simple to make. Here are some spice blends which you can try making in your home.

bouquet garni

Bouquet garni

This term is derived from French in which a bundle of herbs is tied together in a cheesecloth which allows for its easy removal from the cooked dish. A bouquet garni is good for blends which includes bay leaves. However, they should be removed before you serve a dish. The main component in a traditional French bouquet garni comprised of thyme, bay leaf and parsley. But, you can create a bouquet garni from any herbs of your choice. You just need to tie the bundled herbs with a kitchen string and fold it with a fully cotton cheesecloth and fold it into thickness. Then, take a kitchen string and tie the cheesecloth in the form of a bag.

Five-spice powder

This fragrant blend generally comprises of cinnamon, fennel, anise seeds, cloves, and black pepper. These combinations are not fixed and may vary. For making the five-spice powder, mix three tablespoons cinnamon, two tablespoons anise seeds, a one-and-a-half teaspoon each of fennel seeds and black pepper and three-fourth tablespoon ground cloves in a blender container. Cover the container and blend them until they turn into powder form. All these will give you about one-third of a cup. This powder can be stored for one year in a tightly covered container.


If you are bored with the daily dose of the same kind of spices, you can try out these types of spice blends.

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